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Woodside Energy

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I'm a non-technical graduate working in a technical area. Sometimes, I do more admin tasks that need to be done but anyone could do. However, in spite of not being technical in my area of work and having no background in it, I have been helping to manage projects and external vendors, so I do have plenty of responsibility.
Graduate, Perth
I help to maintain the structural integrity of our offshore facilities, including inspections, anomaly management and project support
Graduate, Perth
I am leading an offshore scope on one of our assets executing later this year. My day to day tasks involve managing contractors, reviewing execution procedures, interfacing with internal stakeholders, addressing technical queries, managing cost & schedule impacts & maintaining contractual agreements
Graduate, Perth
My responsibility is to look after the medium to long term forward plan for LNG Train 4 & 5. This includes maintenance, budget, technical changes, queries, and turnarounds.
Graduate, Karratha
Very empowered to make own choices
Graduate, Perth