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Working Hours at Viva Energy Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
My employer is very flexible. Generally hours are 8:30am-5:30pm, but we are able to work from home if required as well. We are all given laptops, so it is easy to work remotely.
Graduate, Melbourne
Flexible, though I find the work load very challenging
Intern, Geelong
As an intern, there is no set daily office hours. For those travelling, the work day can be shifted earlier or later to suit traffic and lifestyle. I would commute a fair distance, so would work 7.30-3.30 to miss peak hour traffic but this was supported by the company.
Intern, Geelong
Work hours are generally 38 hours a week. As long as you clock your hours up, that is about all that people monitor. You can arrive at 7am and leave at 3pm to miss traffic or you can start later one day. The office isn't the only place I work either. I am able to get out and about on site which makes it a lot more enjoyable
Intern, Geelong
My company is very flexible, a lot of people work from home (however I do not). Myself and others from work are able to get to a fitness class at mid day and return to work after. I enjoy coming into work earlier as I work more efficiently in the mornings opposed to the afternoon.
Intern, Melbourne
Quite flexible, I can work from home if I need to.
Graduate, Melbourne
I worked 9am until 4pm daily, they were very flexible when I asked for time off
Intern, Brisbane
Quite flexible, early start which is good.
Intern, Geelong