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Job Satisfaction at Viva Energy Australia

8.8 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 10 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My day-to-day responsibilities are varied, and I enjoy this the most. From working with key internal stakeholders as well as customers, I manage ordering and forecasting, as well as large internal projects, I have developed a number of different skills.
Graduate, Melbourne
Working as a process engineer at a refinery means I have a large array of responsibilities each day. However the themes of most responsibilities are: Process optimisation and improvement Troubleshooting/problem solving Providing process safety advice and assurance
Graduate, Geelong
Operate as an intern working on my assigned project, this focuses on researching and discussing possible solutions with varying personnel
Intern, Geelong
I had a variety of projects (energy, environment, process optimisation etc.) that investigated a number of process areas. The work was engaging with opportunity to investigate in the field if required. Was able to think independently but was supported, and could ask for help freely if required.
Intern, Geelong
My work varied quite a lot during my internship. I had a number of designated projects expected to produce deliverables but other than that, I could have gone about it in whatever way I wanted. I could follow operators around for a day, spend a day in the lab, had tours of areas of the facility and spent a few days in daily monitoring as well as having 4 projects.
Intern, Geelong
I will communicate with a range of teams and individuals (internal and external) in order to put together a substantial report to inform future investments and make recommendations upon data collected.
Intern, Melbourne
Invoice processing, Shipping clearances, demurrage analyst
Graduate, Melbourne
Intern, Brisbane
Energy saving projects
Intern, Geelong