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Department of Transport

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Office & Workplace at Department of Transport

7.1 rating for Workplace, based on 17 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Kew office could be improved as it's very outdated at times.
Graduate, melbourne
Some are poorly accessible by public transport (embarrassing as the department of transport). Some offices are old, as are their facilities such as showers. Dress code is sloppy at best.
Graduate, Melbourne
Plenty of space is available, all desks are height adjustable, most desks are agile working meaning no allocated seating. Meeting spaces provide adequate space and peripherals. Communal spaces such are lunchrooms, kitchenette, recreation spaces are provided.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
Good location of offices in multiple locations for convenience, facilities are a little old and due for an upgrade. Dress code of business casual is good as the formal dress code is really old-fashioned and out-of-date.
Graduate, Melbourne
Dress code is mostly smart casual except Fridays when lots of people wear casual.
Graduate, Melbourne
Recent renovations have been undertaken to improve office setups to include sit/stand desks, encourage flexible working. The offices are generally a good standard.
The nicest I've worked in, my previous workplace was a massive cold-room (food factory).
Graduate, Ballarat
In general, the offices are nice enough. I think there is a disparity between different locations though, some definitely appear nicer than others. The dress code is varied and I think this depends on your position. The general rule is neat-casual to business-casual as a minimum.
Graduate, Melbourne
Officers are modern with indoor plants to provide constant to the white walls and computer screens. Each office is fitted with a kitchen (and possibly a cafe for some). There are bike sheds and showers for those who wish to ride in. Each desk is set up with dual monitors on mobile arm stands to encourage ergonomic performance. Some desks are also adjustable height so you can sit and stand throughout the day.
Graduate, Melbourne
Office space is quite big, and the facilities are great. The location is great as it's near the train station. Dress code is formal on Monday to Thursday and Friday is casual day.
Graduate, Melbourne
Some offices are very new and are in great locations, others are quite old and have parking but are not convenient for public transport. The dress code varies by office but is smart casual in most offices and more formal in CBD offices.
Graduate, Melbourne
Office space is very dependent on which office you're working in. Ranges from "new and right next to a train station" to "ageing and you'll need to drive or take multiple mode of public transport and walk". All offices that I've been to have food and coffee options either nearby or within the premises. My favourite offices are the ones with a coffee machine.
Graduate, Melbourne
Office is great, I do miss the cluster formation as it forced you to be closer to teams you didn't work with which was a bit better for collaboration.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Can vary in both office spaces and dress code. Some offices outdated, others recently refurbished. Dress code varies from business casual to proper business attire depending on the area of the department.
Graduate, Melbourne