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Department of Transport

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Culture at Department of Transport

7.3 rating for Culture, based on 19 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
The company encourages a "work life" balance and really ensures mental health is a key focus. Love the relaxed hierarchy and open communication channels.
Graduate, melbourne
I enjoy the culture, although the work ethic varies by team. Every team I have been with has been friendly and welcoming.
Graduate, Melbourne
Healthy cooperation between colleagues, positive and considerate towards each other, support each other.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
The culture is young, fun and positive. It's a very people focused team I am in, which is fantastic given the current environment in the world. People in my team care equally about the individual and the task they are doing. Mangers understand that for staff to succeed, they enable us and care about our well-being.
Culture has worsened since the merger
Graduate, Melbourne
Everyone is very friendly, but since there are constantly moving people around the organisation you are always meeting new people and losing others
Graduate, Melbourne
People are friendly and approachable. Generally it was easy to get in touch with other business areas for information/advice. My previous team leader was very supportive and encouraged me to seek learning opportunities and site visits. There is a big emphasis on safety in the workplace. Once a month, there was a social afternoon with beverages and snacks. In my immediate team, we bought in various snacks. They were all very friendly and humorous people. In the current business area I work, the agile work methodology Scrum is used.
Graduate, Melbourne
There are some great people in the workplace and a generally good culture, however the handling of the VRO VPS transition has been really poor and caused angst amongst staff.
Good work life balance.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Very diverse in all aspects of people, culture and work-related tasks. Everyone seems happy and wants to work collaboratively to get the job done.
Graduate, Ballarat
As a new department the culture is still being developed, but I do think that there is a big effort being put into making everyone feel valued and important.
Graduate, Melbourne
Pre-covid everyone was happy for a lunch time chat. Post-covid people are doing the best they can to stay connected (Teams meetings) Fellow grads are spaced around the state so sometimes it is hard to catch up with them. They're all great to talk to.
Graduate, Melbourne
From what I can see over time is a general respect and willingness to help each other, that makes everyone feel inclusive.
Graduate, Melbourne
The company culture varies significantly across teams. The more engineering focused areas still have a culture of working in the office for long hours, whereas other teams I have worked in are more flexible about working hours and work location. The culture is still a work in progress as we integrate the three organisations but there is a strong drive to build a new, positive culture.
Graduate, Melbourne
My team is very collaborative and friendly, as is my broader business area.
Graduate, Melbourne
The structure is very top-down with people too scared to communicate with each other. I find it crazy that you have to think twice before sending an email to someone for help as people might get offended. I'm used to working in more team industries such as hospitality or maintenance yards where people are direct and almost too honest about their needs, but this builds a sense of cooperation and comradery. It's a workplace that if a "higher up" says something wrong everyone just rolls with it and complains about decisions but are too worried to raise their queries. I don't think it's sustainable long term. Also due to the government nature it always feels like you are silenced, and you will be shunned if you express views that are not aligned with any level of government. Lastly with socialising a bit of a mixed bag as there are a lot of people. However, my day to day I think most people fall into these groups; over 35 and from an affluent family. This I think is a huge issue as when we talk about work things I feel a lot of people don't know the struggles of things such as needing to catch the bus to get to work and school on time in pouring rain with no idea if it was early, late or cancelled. This disconnect in representing society within our workplace leads to some people putting zero thought to catering for lower-socio economic groups. As it is such an older organisation, for newer staff members it can be difficult to socialise when there are limited people at the same stage of their career.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Everyone is friendly and helpful, but there are lots of cultural differences throughout the department.
Graduate, Melbourne
The team seems to be overloaded. Work takes the priority over other things. Some team members show low levels of caring and sharing.
Graduate, Melbourne