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Working Hours at The Data School

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
The company itself is very flexible, however when we are working with clients, this is dependent upon the client.
Experienced, London
Match client, never unreasonable
Midlevel, London
We avoid spending late hours with clients and I have only done it when I think it's really necessary. I normally spend extra hours learning and progressing but that is my choice.
Experienced, Madrid
Not flexible in training, then dependent on the client you are working for.
Graduate, London
Very flexible. We're out at clients all the time, and we bill clients based on a fixed daily rate. It's in the company's interest for you not to work overtime, as that's work that the client is getting for free. This incentivises leaving work on time.
Midlevel, London, UK
We bill by the day, so we rarely work more than the standard 8 hours. However, training was intense at times and resulted in some late nights.
Midlevel, London
Very reasonable hours. Management does their best to step in if there are unreasonable demands from the client.
Midlevel, London
There are no set hours, or at least I don't feel as though there are. We all seem to work out of a passion for data - so time doesn't really seem to factor. The hours you work are up to you - depending on your client.
Midlevel, LONDON
The first 3.5 months is classroom based training from 9-5. Then you go on 4 6-month long consulting assignments and the flexibility depends largely on the company you are placed with, but you will only every have to work 8 hour days.
Midlevel, London
During the training, the work hours was 9 to 5.30 and in my placement 8.30 to 5.
Graduate, London
Very flexible. 9-5 working time.
Midlevel, London
Midlevel, London
no overtime
Experienced, London