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TAL Australia

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Working Hours at TAL Australia

8.1 rating for Working Hours, based on 12 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Generally 9am-5pm, occasional over time where necessary. Company is great with flexibility and if you have personal appointments to attend to etc. they are very understanding. We also have remote working options and sometimes I work from home instead of physically coming into the office.
Graduate, Melbourne
My company is flexible when it comes to working hours and locations.
Graduate, Sydney
The hours are very reasonable and totally dependent on how much an individual wishes to achieve.
Midlevel, Sydney
sometimes long day. overall very standard
Graduate, Sydney
Roughly 9 hr days. Flexible but the workload requires the hours that are spent.
Graduate, Sydney
Company is very flexible, but I definitely work overtime (my own doing for saying yes too often)
Midlevel, Melbourne
Very flexible. Work from home is available if needed. Generally the expectation is to finish what is required.
Graduate, Sydney
Somewhat - a few key people in my team really put in
Midlevel, Sydney - excuse me - why are there only two genders below??????
The company is really flexible when it comes to working hours. There is a strong focus on output rather than time spent in the office. You are able to use the gym and attend to other commitments outside of work as long as your manager is fine with it and the work is completed.
Graduate, Sydney