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Corporate Social Responsibility at Stantec

8.1 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 13 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Annual ethics training for every employee as well as mandatory courses for business conduct.
Midlevel, New Zealand
Stantec New Zealand fundraises for charities like KidsCan and City Mission.
Graduate, New Zealand
Although it is serious stuff that we are delivering to clients, senior people try not to make it enjoyable and awarding.
Graduate, New Zealand
We have been on beach clean ups. Worked out at Somes island planting and clearing trees along the track. Did around the bays as a company. Stantec is always looking for new initiatives to become involved in.
Graduate, New Zealand
The Stantec in the Community allows us to give back to the community. Recently we renovated a playground at the local hospital.
Graduate, New Zealand
We have a community day each year where we take a few hours of our workday to do a group job in the community. It varies each year, but I have cleaned new Brighton beach and done weeding for gap filler in the city.
Graduate, New Zealand
The company reports its earnings, carbon footprint, H&S indicators. We have volunteer in the community days, occupational counselling services, mental health first aiders, social events. I feel that the company takes this seriously.
Graduate, New Zealand