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Career Prospects at ShineWing Australia

7.9 rating for Career Prospects, based on 12 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Really dynamic and exciting company vision.
Graduate, Brisbane
Shinewing Australia has a well defined and well structured promotion system.
Graduate, Melbourne
Takes a few years, need your CA first so after this occurs it makes it easier to move up, take on more responsibility and even go on international secondment.
Graduate, Melbourne
If one wishes to pursue career in public-practice accountancy, then it appears to be a great place to foster that progression. If you put in the hard work required, employees get recognised with promotions.
Graduate, Melbourne
It seems you move up a level about each year or two. You have to show you're up for it and take additional responsibilities. Basically, you work at the position above you to prove that you deserve the promotion.
Graduate, Melbourne
There seems to be a standard promotion or career progression however it seems as though there are big jumps between each.
Graduate, Melbourne