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Corporate Social Responsibility at Meltwater

8 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 20 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
We have a CSR club where we run initiative for recycling and keep cups to reduce waste. We've raised money for WWF, The Leukemia Foundation and other organisations. Similarly, Meltwater allows employees to take paid time off to do CSR/charity/volunteer initiatives.
Midlevel, Sydney
As an office, we are very environmentally conscious. I am yet to work on any of these initiatives personally.
Graduate, Sydney
They promote charity days for employees and we support clients where we can who are involved with charities and/or are NFPs themselves.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Paid charity leave.
Midlevel, Sydney
We have spoken about doing charity event but nothing has happened yet. We do all support each other in individual charity events if asked.
Experienced, Sydney
CSR day offs.
Midlevel, Sydney
We launched an employee CSR program about a year ago where people could choose a charity/NFP of choice and take a day off regular work once every 6 months to support. We definitely can do more to encourage our staff to use these more, the pick up could be stronger across the whole team.
Executive, Sydney
We do a lot of in office initiatives and people get days for external CSR, maybe a little more could be done.
Graduate, Sydney