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Job Satisfaction at L'Oréal

7.6 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 10 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Admin reporting Packing products Doing mail outs Processing orders
Graduate, Melbourne
Working in Internal Control at the moment so preparing the whole company for Audits, means interacting with people from everywhere, good chance to get to know the company as a whole
Graduate, Melbourne
A lot of autonomy, with a good level of support from management. Working with mainly internal stakeholders, and a lot of project management
Midlevel, Melbourne
Animate the brand website, retailers product pages, manage search, PR, Media and Design agencies, promote NPDs and hero products in a digital space, report to the brand team and managers on digital KPIs and progress, brainstorm ideas to bring products to market and build brand equity.
Graduate, Melbourne
Responsibilities have increased the longer I've been with the company. I have authority over high budgets and important campaign
Graduate, Melbourne
Right now I work in Finance in our Corporate division (so mostly internal work across all divisions), I work in Internal Control. Day to day responsibilities include eliminating risk for our company, auditing internally
Graduate, Melbourne
Managing stock levels to ensure we do the most to reduce stock in trade risks
Graduate, Melbourne
Great to experience multiple brands throughout our rotation. Sometimes it is hard to do project work as there is so much day to day work.
Graduate, Melbourne