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Hydro Tasmania

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Sustainability at Hydro Tasmania

8.6 rating for Sustainability, based on 13 reviews
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Plastic free July, three streams of waste.
Graduate, Hobart
As a renewable energy company, Hydro is committed to a renewable energy future. On the other hand, because Hydro has a long history of not so environmentally friendly practices, they now take their environmental footprint very seriously.
Graduate, Hobart
We do a lot, including a latest initiative "too good to waste" where more things are being recycled and we are producing less waste
Graduate, Hobart
We are a renewable energy company. We are starting to get better at managing/reducing our waste also.
Graduate, Hobart
Increasing focus on actions on climate change and reducing environmental footprint, green teams throughout business.
Graduate, Hobart
Renewable energy company therefore works hard to maintain that image.
Graduate, Hobart