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Georgia Pelling

5.30 AM

As an early riser, I like to start my day as soon as the sun comes up. I’m very lucky to live next to the bay, so I like to make the most of that and either go for a jog or take my dog for a walk. I find that getting up early and taking in the ocean air is the best way to start a day (followed by some delicious breakfast of course!).

7.00 AM

Living next to the water does have its downside – the long train commute into the city each day. I use this time to get my social media fix, catch up on the news or read a book. 

8.00 AM

Once I get to my desk, I check my emails and catch up with my colleagues. I action anything urgent, then begin my tasks for the day – whether that be researching the tourism industry in the Great Barrier Reef or understanding the technical side of biofuels. 

Georgia at her desk

9.00 AM

This is the time most people would go to their favourite local café for their daily caffeine fix, but as a non-coffee drinker (strange, I know), I prefer to grab a cup of tea, or treat myself to a delicious chai latte. 

10.00 AM

It’s time for our weekly team meeting, so my colleagues and I start by setting up the video conference. As Advisory is a global business, our team meetings are held virtually – giving us the opportunity to catch up with our colleagues from all over the country.

These meetings give us a chance to find out what projects everyone has been working on over the past week, and to explore potential opportunities that may arise in the future. 

11.00 AM

After our meeting, I get back to my desk and get stuck into some research. I begin by analysing some government documents and strategies to find one relevant to a project we are working on. For government clients, it is important that their investment aligns with a published policy or position, so this piece of work is always an especially important part of a business case. 

12.00 PM

Lunch time! Before my stomach grumbles for the fourth time, I grab my lunch and head upstairs to the café for lunch with some of the other graduates… and maybe even a quick table tennis match (or two). This is a great time to catch up with friends and find out what is going on in other parts of the business, as well as what everyone did on the weekend of course.  

1.00 PM

Back at my desk, I start preparing for a client meeting that we have this afternoon. We will be hosting a workshop to better understand the problems that our clients face. 

1.30 PM

Time to hit the road! Again, as Advisory is a global business, our clients aren’t always just next door. In this instance, our client is based on the Sunshine Coast, so our Brisbane based team (myself and two others) jump in the car and head off to the workshop. We use the driving time to discuss our strategy for the workshop and the role that each of us will play. I am tasked with recording the minutes of the meeting, so that we have an accurate record once we are back in the office. 

Georgia in a meeting

3.00 PM

We meet with our client and run through the workshop with them. As part of the Business Case Development team, our job is to help our clients collate the evidence required to make an informed investment decision. These workshops help us to understand the drivers behind an investment so that we can put forward a compelling and justified argument. 

5.00 PM

It’s time to head back to Brisbane. While we are driving, we receive a call from a client we had previously worked with asking for some help with another upcoming project. This is a great opportunity to involve our wider team (especially those with specific knowledge of the area) so we make the most of this time and make a few calls to the team back in Melbourne. 

6.00 PM

After a busy day, I find there is no better release than a good dose of kick boxing. I love boxing and try to find time to fit it in at least twice a week – it’s a great way to keep fit and it’s lots of fun! 

8.00 PM

After some dinner and some trashy reality TV, I start winding down for the night. As an early riser, I am also early to bed. I quickly check my emails before grabbing a book (or laptop to watch Netflix) and hop into bed.