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Simon Mac

You’re doing the right thing when the project gets signed off and your team and client appreciates the work you’ve done.

What's your job about?

Cognizant Technology Solutions is an IT Business Consultancy Firm that provides IT Services including digital, technology, consulting, and operational services.

Specific tasks: Data forecasting, data discovery, and data insight analytics

Daily tasks: Specific tasks (see above), Meetings, and maintenance of project documentation on the work done.

Does a teenager understand what you are doing? State any kind of interesting details!

Teenagers should understand what my field of work is, with trend/personalized marketing being used in social media platforms if we give these examples I believe they should know what we do.

Interesting fact: YouTubers uses data analytics to help assist them decide on how to create their video content to hit more views (Trend analysis).

Personal thought: I personally dislike this system. As there are full time YouTubers, I understand why they need to use trend studies but this really kills the creativity aspect for the content creators. It’s unfortunate but someone has to pay the bills.

What's your background?

Born in Australia, Sydney grew up in the Outer and Inner West of Sydney.

List the most important stages of your life 

Secondary Study: Parramatta High School (Interest in technology began around this time. But mainly towards hardware e.g. Computers, Smartphones, etc.)

University: Macquarie University (Studied my Bachelors of IT and gained the skills relevant to my current graduate job)

First Job: Warehouse employee at Evermore group. It’s a small company so I was given the opportunity to do miscellaneous work such as IT troubleshooting and eventually moved into catalogue editing (office job).

Second Job: TNT Un-deliverables clerk.  This trained up my people skills (customer service was required).  I was also informally given ownership of the work required to be done in warehouse when I’m not at the office/reception.

Third Job: Macquarie University IT Junior Technician (IT Troubleshooting became my job officially). Aside from troubleshooting I was given the opportunity to do work relevant to my field of study.  These opportunities came from special requests raised by the University staff and include task automation, and attending meetings with the system administration team). They also gave me insight of the possibilities of what my degree can bring. Without my first two jobs applying for this job would’ve been hard.

How did you get to your current job position and for how long have you being doing it already?

Recommended by a friend, so I applied for the 2017 grad positions and got the job.

Been with the company for a past 1 year. (started July 2017)

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yes. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Let us also know which kind of characteristics or other skills one should have when it comes to your job!

Skills: Project Management, Programming and Data Analytics skills are relevant skills to have in this field of operations.

Characteristics: Willingness to learn, question things and explore different possibilities.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Field of work I’m doing is stuff I’m interested in. Analysing and discovering new trends and possibilities of the data given to you in your field of work.

I like trivia facts so even if some of the trends discovered may not be of use for the company/project it’s still interesting from my angle.

You’re doing the right thing when the project gets signed off and your team and client appreciates the work you’ve done.

What are the limitations of your job?

I bear enough responsibilities based on my knowledge and abilities known by the team. Time management tends to be flexible with the team so if you need to work on the weekends to meet a deadline when the time comes then that is to be expected.

Limitations of the job – Not all projects you’re involved in will give you the flexibility to do as you please (play with the data). Some projects can also be simple/easy to do but they can be tedious and time consuming.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • Try study a field you are interested in.
  • Expose yourself to new things (work, volunteer, join group societies, etc.) I didn’t do all things listed but the main point being is that by experiencing new things perhaps it can add value to person growth and/or change your perspective of how you usually view things.
  • Be prepared for mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes as long as you reflect on it and try you’re best to not repeat it again.