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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My day-to-day responsibilities include drafting documents, researching, matter management, client interaction, court appearances and self-education.
Graduate, Sydney
Day to day I draft legal submissions and prepare for arbitration/trial.
Graduate, Sydney
My responsibilities range from quasi-administrative work like processing court documents to drafting detailed reports to clients.
Graduate, Sydney
I am lucky enough to have been delegated challenging work including drafting contracts, researching contentious legal issues, drafting reports to clients and also having direct contact with clients.
Graduate, Sydney
As a graduate, I do the first cut of things like letters, statements, emails. I also perform legal research, document discovery, and preparation of court documents. Graduates perform the time-consuming tasks, like drafting chronologies. In my downtime I write articles.
Graduate, Sydney
Day to day roles vary for each grad in different teams. Generally, as a grad, there is an expectation to grow, learn and be proactive in our attitude.
Graduate, Sydney