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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Brandix

  • R&D and Manufacturing

What it does: Brandix is a leading clothing manufacturer and retailer based in Sri Lanka, with over 38 manufacturing facilities across the country.

The good: Solid corporate social responsibility. Well-known brand.

The not so good: Poor work-life balance.

Hiring grads with degrees in: Any (if applying through the Group Management Trainee Program), Business and management, Software engineering, Computer science

The story of Brandix

Brandix began in 1970 as a textiles manufacturer known as Firoze Limited. It established its first apparel manufacturer, specialising in shirts, two years later. It made its first acquisition in 1981, purchasing a textile mill, allowing it to scale rapidly. 

The following decade saw many more acquisitions of local textile mills and retailers, including Phoenix Fashions, Lux Shirts Kahawatta, Eden Fashions, Mast Lanka and more. By 1996 it began establishing entirely new retail outlets, mills and even research and development centres like the Phoenix College of Clothing Technology. 

The turn of the century saw a joint venture with Colombia Clothing in 2001, followed by a rebranding to Brandix in 2002. Major acquisitions and mergers in 2003 then led to it becoming the largest clothing manufacturer in the country, a title it holds to this day. It has since expanded throughout the world. 

Career prospects

The most prominent opportunity available at Brandix for university graduates is its Group Management Trainee Program. This is an eighteen-month program, rotating participants through all elements of the business. Freshers from all disciplines are welcome to apply, but given no experience is required, it’s fairly competitive. 

Even if applying through another program, freshers are given development opportunities, both through the sheer amount of work and dedicated training. It’s a great place to start your career because it’s fast-paced and high performance. But you won’t be finishing work at five o’clock.

The culture

The pace of work lends itself to a ‘young’ corporate culture. You’ll be surrounded by other ambitious freshers looking to stand out. Former employees report a professional and friendly work environment.

Mission & values

Brandix has four core values.

  • Strategy - always be sharpening competencies

  • Best practice - don’t discriminate; follow the law

  • Talent development - encourage continuous learning

  • Employee engagement - stay positioned as an employer of choice


In 2016, the company was embroiled in a wage scandal in India, with employees going on strike. The average monthly salary for their workers was at Rs 5000 a month, leading to unrest. The government attempted to intervene on their behalf, but the workers had no trade union to represent them, as union activity was prohibited. The employees demanded not only higher wages but better working conditions. Their demands were never met. 

A similar incident occurred again in 2018, with workers in Andhra Pradesh calling for wages of Rs 10,000 per month minimum. While promises were made to address their concerns, workers were once again ignored. 


Brandix is responsible for a variety of sustainability and corporate social responsibility achievements aimed at improving the wider community.

  • It once submitted a joint case study with the International Finance Corporation advocating for employer-supported childcare.

  • Aims at achieving 100% carbon neutrality by 2023.

  • Built the Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement module-based instruction program for women in 2015.

  • Held numerous competitions and sporting events in 2017.

  • Wrote a Water Management Handbook and other documentation for safe, sustainable resource management procedures. 

  • Utilises on-site water treatment plants to manage non-recyclable wastewater. 


Locations With Opportunities
  • Sri Lanka
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Business & Management
IT & Computer Science