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Kathlynn Lee

6.30 AM

The alarm goes off! I roll out of bed, get ready, have a bit of breakfast and then head to the train station.

7.30 AM

I jump on the train and tune into a podcast. Usually, I listen to BBDO’s Love This Podcast, which discusses all things creativity, culture, business and innovation, or NPR’s How I Built This, which dives into the stories behind how the world’s best-known companies came to be. But recently, I have been getting into The Spinoff’s Real Pod, which picks apart what happened last week on The Bachelorette – it’s definitely not as educational as the podcasts I’ve just mentioned but it’s a good laugh for the early morning commute.

8.00 AM

After a quick walk from the Newmarket train station, I arrive at the office. I park up at my desk, go through my emails and check my calendar for the day. I then update my priorities for the day on Trello, which is essentially where the organised chaos of my to-do lists live.

8:30 AM

It’s time for grad coffees! A daily work ritual that began when we first started at BP a year ago. Sadly, I must admit that my latte art skills have not improved much over a year.

BP Graduate Kathlynn Lee having coffee

8:45 AM

I get back to my desk and work through proofing artwork for the next promotional period. I work with our in-house Mac Operator and the category team to ensure we have the correct product images and description on the right Point of Sale (POS) type and location, before they go to print. It’s also a bit of a sneak peek of new drinks, snacks and Wild Bean Cafe products that we have coming up!

BP Graduate Kathlynn Lee at her desk

10:00 AM

My first meeting of the day is the Communications & External Affairs (C&EA) weekly team catch up. I’ve been slowly immersing myself in the C&EA team’s ways of working and have also picked up a few tasks so I can really hit the ground running when I officially start next week for my next graduate rotation. We discuss any relevant external events, potential media enquiries, internal events and our focus for the week.

11:00 AM

I head straight to the office-wide stand-up which happens every Monday and is a quick 15-minute check in to hear what’s going on this week.

11:15 AM

Time for marketing team WIP! This is a weekly work in progress (WIP) meeting that occurs each Monday and we usually kick things off with a quiz, then share any updates with the wider team and we’ll end on looking at some recent advertising and marketing campaigns as food for thought.

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

I’m back at my desk and am finalising the print report to ensure the quantities for each piece of POS and excess is accounted for. Once completed, I send it off to our printers along with the artwork I approved in the morning. I also check the POS and Promotions inbox and respond to any queries from sites and provide feedback to any supplier artwork submissions for the next promotional period.

2:00 PM

Digital POS update meeting. We’re working on a digital POS trial and have received some first concepts from the agency. We go through the different options, highlighting what works well in terms of having strong visual assets while aligning to the customer journey.

BP Graduate Kathlynn Lee work discussion

3:00 PM

At BP we have a few committees within the organisation that we’re encouraged to join and take part in. I’m currently part of the Downstream Challenger Committee – which is a graduate led initiative to connect our cohort and develop learning and networking opportunities within the wider business. There are a few grads in the committee that work in Kwinana, Melbourne and Auckland – so we’ve all dialled in on Skype and are planning events for the year.

3:30 PM

With all meetings wrapped up for the day, I use the next hour to catch up on emails and start working on upcoming social media tasks brief for new Wild Bean Cafe products. For brief writing inspiration, I like to pull together a mood board of best practice social media that I’ve seen recently.

4:30 PM

With everything wrapped up for the day, I scan out of the building and head to the station. On the way home, I finish off the podcast from this morning and scroll through social media.