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Working Hours at BP Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Work is really flexible with hours to make sure you have a good work/life balance. There is always the opportunity to have a conversation about your needs and how they can be met.
Graduate, Perth
Any additional hours (above 40) are my own choice to feel more on top of my work. Company is very flexible and encourages individuals/teams to choose, work from home, and take breaks during the day to attend appointments, events and exercise. Team is flexible when not busy, however there is an expectation that you will give all hours (including weekends) when necessary. This requirement can arise quite unexpectedly.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work 8 hours each day. Those 8 hours can be done at any time. Company is very flexible when it comes to working from home.
Graduate, Melbourne
Normal working hours with flexibility to work from home when required.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible - you work how many hours you need to get the job done.
Graduate, Melbourne
You obviously need to hit the minimum requirement, and there is an expectation that you work when needed. However, they do work under flexitime, so if you work through until 8pm on Wednesday, come in a little later on Thursday.
Graduate, Melbourne
I always do my hours, but they allow you to be flexible through working from home.
Graduate, Melbourne
More than 40+ but because I choose to. Very flexible
Midlevel, Melbourne
Working hours are good with high flexibility.
Graduate, Melbourne