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Management at BDO

8.1 rating for Management, based on 36 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
We have very good managers in the Audit department. They are friendly and communicate generally well. They will always help you if you need.
Midlevel, Adelaide
Managers are easily accessible and easy to talk to, partners are more scarce but still have a presence in the office
Entry level, Adelaide
The managers are always easily accessible with open door policies. This makes completing my job very easy as I am able to quickly ask questions to complete jobs. I am given regular feedback from both managers and partner about my performance which reassures you on the quality of work you are doing.
Graduate, Cairns
Each graduate is put into a team with a manager and a partner, the managers and partner in my team are extremely accessible and are always happy to help me even when I ask a silly question. Being a graduate you have regular meetings up until your six month review. You get a six week meeting, a 12 week meeting and a six month meeting so you always have an idea of how you're going.
Graduate, Cairns
They are always there to help out. They offer lots of feedback and mentor you as you go along.
Graduate, Adelaide
Open office, I sit right in front of a Partner and across from my direct Manager. Very accessible
Graduate, Melbourne
Managers are very good as my manager has told me what he expects from me and how to get there. We have monthly meetings to discuss this and the progress.
Midlevel, Cairns
Don't have a lot to do with managers, but when I do they've been helpful
Graduate, Adelaide
Mangers are very approachable which is a positive for me. However I rarely have had any opportunities to interact with them.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Managers and partners are always available and I have a great mentoring relationship with my partner.
Graduate, Brisbane
Managers are very approachable and concerned about our development and wellbeing.
Graduate, Brisbane
Most of managers are accessible and friendly. However, there are some who are intimidating and impatient.
Graduate, Brisbane