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Arinos Lanka

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About Arinos Lanka

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What it does: Arinos Lanka is a Japanese Tokyo-based company that primarily offers Sri Lankans access to Japanese career opportunities, particularly engineers. They also offer Japanese language classes and publish a magazine called ‘Marrynos.’

Best known for: Their magazine ‘Marrynos’ which offers marriage advice, marriage services, and a place to post arranged marriage proposals for ‘those who are looking for a life partner with the ideal match.’

Staff stats: 6+ employees in Sri Lanka.

The good bits: Since it’s a newer company, each new member actively plays a part in the growth of a new company.

The not so good bits: Having a hand in building a newer company also means your career growth possibilities will be based on its continuous success.

The Arinos Lanka story

Arinos Lanka was established in Sri Lanka in 2017 by Arinos Inc, a Japan-based company. The primary focus is to provide Sri Lankans the opportunity to work for Japanese companies. They offer services to Sri Lankans looking for a job in Japan, looking to learn the Japanese language and those who wish to ‘find the ideal life partner.’ 

The recruitment process

The recruitment process with Arinos Lanka is incredibly straightforward. You can apply for a position using our site or through the company careers webpage. The application form covers only your name, email, phone number, cover letter, and has a place to attach your CV. There is no information regarding the interview process and subsequent wait times, most likely due to the company’s size and age. 

Career prospects

Arinos Lanka is a very small company, and though they are still growing, they’re exclusively looking for graduates in business or marketing. However, if the company continues to grow, there may be more varied positions available. There are very few career prospects in general with the company, but regardless of what position you join on their team, you will have a hand in their continued growth. However, while participating in the growth of a newer company is a rewarding experience, it can also be quite stress-inducing.

General vibe of the place

Arinos Lanka is a newer company with bright ambitions for Sri Lanka (particularly Sri Lankans interested in working in Japan). The team is small but slowly expanding. There’s no information regarding the culture, but typically small companies have a close-knit, family-like feel to them. Overall, if you can actually land a position with Arinos Lanka, you’re likely in for a rewarding, yet potentially stressful experience.


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