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  • 100 - 500 employees

About Adaro

  • Mining, Oil & Gas

What it does: Produces coal for both regional and international customers. 

Staff stats: Nearly 300 employees across Indonesia. 

Financials: Recently made US $3.7 billion in revenue.

Best known for: Being the second-largest coal producer in the country. 

The good: Strong learning environment.

The not so good: Unclear career trajectory. 

Hiring grads with degrees in: Engineering (any discipline), preferably mining; accounting and finance; marketing. 

The story of Adaro

Adaro began in 1970, named after a centuries-old Spanish mining family. The Spanish Government bid on the rights to mine in the region, winning by default, as coal here was believed to be of inferior quality by other companies. It wasn’t long before those others were proven wrong!

By the 80s, a consortium of Australian and Indonesian companies bought 80% of Adaro’s shares from the Spanish government, leading to more adventurous developments. Feasibility studies for more projects were conducted throughout the 90s, including for the construction of an 80km long coal hauling road to the Barito river, an alternative to a much longer route that would have otherwise been chosen. 

Much of the initial decision-making during this period were made with community input and approval, an ethos the company continues today. Coal production skyrocketed year-on-year into the 2000s, leading to contemporary prosperity. Adaro now owns one of the largest mines in the southern hemisphere, which they leverage in favour of surrounding communities and Indonesia as a whole. 

Career prospects

There are a few ways into Adaro as a fresh graduate, the most prominent likely being the ‘Adaro Mining Professional Program’. Applicants under 26 years of age with at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA from any non-software engineering degree are eligible. The program develops technical competencies and provides leadership training on a real job-site, which is likely to be in South Kalimantan. Previous applicants report much camaraderie, with even interns being treated with respect and given real responsibility. Salaries can be fairly competitive, as is the norm in the mining sector. 

Entry-level careers for other disciplines are slightly rarer but do exist. Postings regularly require accounting and finance, as well as marketing graduates, but these positions aren’t usually designed with graduates in mind. So expect a lot of experiential learning, with occasional informal mentoring.

The promotion track is somewhat shaky, as there isn’t any clearly defined career path. Performance targets are often ephemeral, requiring you to take the initiative and define them yourself. Travel can also be an issue at Adaro, as their sites are unlikely to be close to your home; you’re going to have to drive roughly 5 hours outside of Banjarmasin. If your heart is set on the mining industry, it’s worth enduring this, however, as you’ll encounter this issue at many other mining companies.

Overall, this company is a great starting point for aspiring non-software engineers, providing ample training throughout the duration of the program, but it may be better for business or marketing graduates to look elsewhere for a dedicated graduate program in their field before committing to Adaro. As far as career trajectory is concerned, the experience will take you elsewhere if desired, or set you up for seniority at Adaro should you succeed in networking throughout your time here. If you’re not OK with doing that kind of legwork, look for a job elsewhere after the graduate program. 

The recruitment process

Adaro commonly posts job postings on their ‘Adaro Careers’ site, which isn’t actually on their main website, so take a look around until you find it. From there, the application process should be reasonably straightforward, requiring you to submit your CV and academic transcript, as well as a cover letter. Unfortunately, the interview process after that isn’t publicly known, so we recommend contacting their office for more information.


An accountant or finance specialist can expect roughly Rp 500 thousand monthly on the lower end, reaching up to Rp 30 million with experience. Engineers of various descriptions can expect roughly Rp 3 million monthly to start with, reaching up to Rp 80 million with seniority. Large bonuses are often issued across the company, but the exact numbers aren’t publicly known. 

The culture

In addition to a welcoming corporate culture, Adaro goes to great lengths to promote inclusive cultural events generally. A prominent example is the annual Tabalong Ethnic Festival, an annual seven-day event attracting over 1,500 participants daily. It features traditional art, performances and competitions. 

Mission & values

Adaro aspires to be not only a leading mining company in Indonesia but a preferred energy company generally. They have several values in serving this end:

  1. Always satisfying customer needs
  2. Developing staff
  3. Partnering with suppliers
  4. Supporting national development
  5. Promoting safety
  6. Maximising shareholder value

Social contributions

Adaro has two notable economic social programs. The first is an MSME development program. Adaro spends its resources developing the branding and marketing of small businesses, connecting them to relevant markets. Adaro has helped 85 different businesses since starting the program several years ago. The second is a mentorship program for rubber and organic farmers. This consists not only of additional training in agricultural techniques but supplies these farmers with better fertilisers and support all throughout the growing and harvesting process. 

The company has also developed healthcare, environmental and conservation initiatives, including widespread clean water distribution and filtration. Not bad! 


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