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Crawford School of Public Policy

Why you should study at the Crawford School of Public Policy

Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University is Asia and the Pacific’s leading graduate public policy school. Staff and students at the School play an essential role in shaping public policy through research, education and policy engagement. 

 " I feel that I've become a really strategic and critical thinker as a result of my studies. It's caused me to really think about what the role of the public service is and how we can better improve outcomes for citizens." Chevelle Grey

Students at the School are valued members of the region’s leading public policy community and contribute actively to the impact being made on the world’s challenges surrounding such issues as water, food, energy, economic development, the environment, and governance. 

" Climate change was an issue that I wanted to know more about and I wanted to become a domain expert in. and so the Crawford schools well respected for having a great research and great educational opportunities. and I certainly have learnt an awful lot about climate change in many respects." - Thomas Swann

The Crawford Academic Skills team provides support and resources to help students develop and strengthen the academic and research skills needed for graduate study.

"My favourite thing about crawfordis that it has its own academic skills. Advisers.they sit down with me and go through my whole assignment and let me know about the ideas. If I just want to talk about the ideas or sometimes they, I need help with grammar and it's been such a lifesaver" - Tess Harwood

" At Crawford School. it has been a great journey in terms of ensuring that reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities is taken care of. Lastly is also their support by the lecturers. They're able to give alternative formats of eadings, which is a very vital tool for a blind person like me. So I would urge, everyone who is intending to take a course in public policy at Crawford School, this is your home." - Paul Mugambi